About TLDs.top

Our Mission

TLDs.top strives to provide accurate price comparison for domain names and reviews of the most popular domain registrars. It aggregates price data from many popular domain registrars, with this list growing continuously.

TLDs.top uses both automatic and manual methods to update price data displayed on the site. Some domain registrars change their prices daily or even several times a day. Our automatic methods are best to ensure that we have the latest data available. You can check the latest domain price changes on the Updates page.

But unfortunately, there are cases when the price that is advertised by the registrar is not the same as the price you get at checkout. Many registrars have sales promotions or offer discount coupons, that are only valid for a limited time. Sometimes these are displayed on the registrar's website or other websites even after the offers expire. For this reason, we also use manual update methods for our price data. To get the correct prices, we make manual test orders or we contact the registrar's customer support. We do this to be able to show you the most accurate domain price comparison possible.


We make every effort to provide complete and accurate information. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. We will do our best to correct errors brought to our attention.


For any enquiries please email contact@tldtop.net.